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Reduction of foundry energy consumption is the way to reduce pollutant emission

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Reduction of foundry energy consumption is the way to reduce pollutant emission

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China's GDP is about 4% of the world's, but it consumes about 7.4% of the world's oil and 31% of its coal.31 percent steel and 40 percent cement.With the rapid development of China's economy, China is now faced with both the fierce international competition and the constraints of domestic resource shortage and the pressure of environmental deterioration.Valve accessories "national economy and social development of the eleventh five-year plan" outline proposed: during the eleventh five-year unit GDP energy consumption reduction of 20%, the total emission of major pollutants reduce 10% of the target.This is a response to the growing pressure on resources and the environment. It reflects the need to build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society. It is also a requirement for practical and long-term interests.Casting industry is a key industry that consumes energy and resources, and also has a great impact on the environment.The input of material and energy is very high in foundry production in China.Therefore, it is of great significance to take all possible measures to promote the resource conservation, low energy consumption and friendly and healthy development of the foundry industry.This paper proposes several ways to save energy, reduce consumption and reduce emissions, hoping to play a role in attracting more attention.

1. Establish the concept of harmonious manufacturing

Over the past 20 years, the development of China's foundry industry mainly depends on the cheap labor force and a large amount of domestic resources, energy and even excessive investment.With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous expansion of its scale, the domestic energy, resources and ecological environment increasingly restrict economic growth, and the development of the foundry industry is also facing a series of major challenges.If we continue to follow the past path of extensive development and high growth at the expense of resources and the environment, we will certainly not get anywhere.China has been the world's largest casting production country for six consecutive years.But, in the foundry industry in our country faces energy constraints, environmental safety of pressure increases, the international casting industry competition and the protection of intellectual property rights to strengthen trends, casting in our country will become power from power, and to reduce the energy consumption of 20% in five years, reduce the pollutant emissions by 10%, only rely on innovation and improve the quality of the practitioners, by establishing harmonious manufacture idea, by the development of circular economy to just have hope.

2. Here are some data to show the use of advanced and applicable new technology, new technology and new material is directly or indirectly reduce the energy consumption, reduce emissions is very effective way: 30 was produced by horizontal continuous casting technology in China > 30-250 - mm circular cross section and the corresponding size of nodular cast iron and grey cast iron material, compared with sand mold process performance increase 1-2 grades, increase utilization rate of iron liquid to more than 95%, energy saving, material saving 30-30% and 50%, rough processing and qualified rate of 95% or more.Vermicular graphite cast iron in the use of automobile exhaust pipe, so that the life increased 4- 5 times.The energy consumption per unit product can be greatly reduced by using large cupola and continuous operation technologies such as external heat air supply and water cooling without furnace lining.The energy consumption can be greatly reduced by using cold core box process.Energy consumption of electric furnace can be reduced by preheating furnace charge, reducing opening time of furnace cover and strengthening heat preservation.Other furnaces and ladles can reduce energy consumption by adopting aluminum silicate, perlite and other insulation materials.Adopting small riser or no riser for ductile iron casting, adopting heat preservation riser for steel casting and heat preservation subsidy can increase the yield from 60% to 80%.The process of spheroidization, vermicularization and inoculation is more stable by using the technology of alloy cored wire.Liquid metal filtration technology can improve the grade of alloy.By actively controlling the casting process in strict accordance with the standards, the rejection rate of the casting can reach 2-5%

3. Carry out energy saving and emission reduction work in accordance with the requirements of circular economy

It is an important way to reduce energy consumption to establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly foundry industry by adopting the development mode of circular economy.All kinds of industrial kilns in the process of casting production are large consumers of resources and sources of environmental pollution.The energy consumption can be reduced by making full use of the residual heat in the foundry process.For example, a factory in shandong introduced the residual heat of cupola into the drying room to dry the castings after painting, achieving the effect of saving energy.Using waste heat from cupola to heat domestic water.

According to the germans, garbage is simply misplaced goods.Waste reduction, reuse, recycling and remanufacturing in foundry production should be paid more attention.It is reported that the cost of dumping a ton of waste sand is higher than the cost of buying new sand, and the index of reclaimed sand is no less than the new sand.According to the comparison between the price of new sand in China and the cost of regenerated sand, the cost of regenerated sand is only one third of the cost of regenerated sand.A large amount of slag can be used as raw material for cement production, which is a good way to reduce pollutant emission.

4. Make full use of the near net shape technology and equipment to reduce the material and energy consumption

Around the world, about 100 million metric tons of metal are cut off in machining processes every year, worth about $250 billion.The reduction in processing will result in a significant reduction in energy and material consumption.With the improvement of the technical level, the unique advantages of the casting process make many casting processes become near-clean manufacturing process.The following processes can directly or indirectly significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions.For example, die-casting only requires a small amount of follow-up investment casting, which greatly reduces the amount of machining;The non-parting surface of vanishing die reduces the workload of cleaning.Vertical parting injection molding process can reach the wrong shape value of only 0.1mm, reducing the workload of cleaning;The high efficiency casting technology, such as semi-solid metal continuous casting technology, resin sand, metal mold and sand-coated metal mold, has good comprehensive benefits.

5. Strengthen the certification of management system

Through the establishment of ISO9001ISO14001 or other management system and the implementation of third party certification, and seriously in accordance with the requirements of the management system to carry out work is very conducive to energy saving and emission reduction.For example, in accordance with the requirements of ISO14001 management system, it is necessary to firstly identify environmental factors in the production process and other business activities, and then develop management plans for major environmental factors identified, including energy and resource consumption, pollutant emission, and determine targets and measures to reduce energy consumption and emission.After a period of serious implementation of the management plan, it is believed that the target of reducing energy consumption and pollutant emission is fully achievable.

6. Attach importance to digital manufacturing technology and Internet application

Using CAD/CAM/CAE and other information technology to continuously improve the level of manufacturing technology is an important way to effectively use resources, reduce emissions and improve economic benefits.Simulation is the core of digital manufacturing. For traditional casting industry, CAE plays a more significant role in casting industry.The adoption of CAE/RP/RT/RM and other technologies can improve the success rate of product trial production, thus greatly saving energy and resources. In addition, the application of the Internet to improve the overall level of the foundry industry and indirectly play the role of energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction is increasingly recognized by more and more people.

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