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How to learn energy saving and emission reduction technology of German foundry industry

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How to learn energy saving and emission reduction technology of German foundry industry

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Precision foundry in order to promote the implementation of energy-saving policies in enterprises, some governments also set up energy-saving advisory agencies.The German government attaches great importance to the construction of energy saving and emission reduction consulting agency for the foundry industry. The German energy agency was established in 2002, and one of its main tasks is to provide consultation on energy saving and emission reduction for enterprises and the public.At the same time, the government is encouraging the development of small energy-saving consulting agencies.In 1977, Germany also launched the "energy manager" training course in Europe for the first time. In 2006, it has been widely promoted in more than 10 countries in the European Union, and more than 600 people have obtained the qualification.There are nearly 400 energy saving consulting institutions in Germany, which greatly meet the needs of enterprises and the public.Moreover, the German energy saving and emission reduction agency thinks that by strengthening the management of the foundry enterprises can reduce the energy consumption of enterprises by 15% ~ 20%.Enterprises have sought scientific management methods through specialized energy-saving consulting agencies.On the one hand, developed countries force enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions through laws and regulations. On the other hand, they also guide and encourage enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions through tax policies and market mechanisms.Increasing special incentives and adopting special tax policies are one of the important means to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in developed countries.

Germany takes energy saving and emission reduction as the key research topic, and realizes energy saving and emission reduction through optimizing the technological process, developing new steel products and improving the reuse rate of waste steel products.The patented "cupola smoking dust" technology developed by GF company of Switzerland can reduce the smelting cost and help solve the dust problem in the foundry.Germany Kunststoff company developed the biological waste gas purification equipment.The harmful gases generated in the molding process are separated from the harmful substances in the waste gas by the active oxidation of sediments and water and by the biochemical oxidation of trace organic matter.The European Union collects waste heat from factories and provides it directly to other manufacturing companies or to energy-consuming equipment in cities through joint ventures of member states.

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