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How do foundry enterprises do independent innovation

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How do foundry enterprises do independent innovation

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According to the outline of China's 11th five-year development plan, we should "promote industrial technology through independent innovation, strive to master core and key technologies, enhance the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, and enhance the overall technological level of the industry".At present, the independent technological innovation of foundry industry mainly includes the following main fields:

1. Casting technology of large and key equipment parts: it mainly includes casting of large and extra-large steel castings and nodular iron parts (such as water turbine blade, upper ring, lower ring, rolling mill frame, nuclear waste tank, etc.);Casting technology of directional solidified blade and single crystal blade of steam turbine and turbine engine;Production technology of large structural castings of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and titanium alloy.Precision casting

2. Advanced casting and forming technology of light metal: mainly including die casting technology of complex automobile aluminum alloy casting (such as automobile engine block);Semi-solid casting technology of aluminum alloy;Extrusion casting technology of aluminum alloy and aluminum matrix composite materials;Production technology of large thin-walled aluminum alloy castings;Complete technology of aluminum alloy precision sand mold casting;High performance magnesium alloy die casting forming technology (such as vacuum die casting, ultra-low speed die casting, etc.);Development of heat-resistant magnesium alloy materials for casting;Anti-corrosion technology of magnesium alloy casting.

3. High quality, high efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly casting technology: mainly including the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly casting equipment and auxiliary materials, such as cupola dust removal;Develop low pollution, no pollution and room temperature hardening sand mold, sand core binder;Recycling and comprehensive utilization of castings;Lost foam casting technology and the development of complete sets of precision and high efficiency forming equipment, such as the development of high-precision foam forming machine, bonding machine, intelligent vibration compact device, aluminum alloy casting "residual heat treatment - sand - sand regeneration" integrated technology.

4. Digital casting technology: mainly including knowledge-based digital design theory and method of casting and forming process (KBE);Mathematical modeling, simulation and simulation of multi-field coupling in macro/micro continuous scale during casting process;Calculation method and parallel calculation technique in simulation of casting forming process.Digital casting technology also includes enterprise management information, and through the network and external contact.

5. Research and development of key equipment for casting production: such as large and extra-large precision and high-efficiency aluminum alloy die-casting equipment;High speed, high efficiency, high density sand mold manufacturing equipment;Cupola smoke and dust removal equipment;High efficiency, energy saving old sand regeneration and treatment equipment.

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