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How to look at the problems existing in Chinas foundry industry

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How to look at the problems existing in Chinas foundry industry

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Only 5% of foundries in China reach the level of those in developed countries in Europe and America.Casting quality stability, consistency and traceability are poor.The distribution of casting products is unreasonable, and the proportion of products with high added value and high technical content is low.Low production efficiency and high energy consumption.It makes little contribution to the development and progress of world casting.Low casting price and output value.Casting workers pay low wages.The speed of setting technical standard value is slow and backward.Poor labor safety and environment.Countermeasures adopted: the report explains the direction of efforts from government departments, universities, research institutions, institutes and associations, as well as enterprises.Looking forward to understand the development trend of the international foundry industry, seize the opportunity to further develop and improve the level of China's foundry industry.Precision casting

But our country casting production technical level high, the equipment is limited to a few backbone enterprises, the industry overall technical level lags behind.Specific performance in, appearance is still manual or simple machinery for mold processing;The socialization, specialization and commercialization of the production and supply of foundry raw and auxiliary materials are far from meeting the needs of the development of new technology in terms of variety quality.Process design is based on personal experience, computer control and cae technology application less;Poor basic conditions of casting technology and equipment;The production process manual operation proportion is high, the site worker technical quality is low;Only a few large automobile, internal combustion engine group foundry using advanced molding core-making process, most of the foundry enterprises still use shaker molding machine or even manual modeling.Low pressure casting can only produce non-iron parts;With epc technology, only the exhaust pipe, shell and other castings put into production stably, and the productivity is low, casting size accuracy and surface roughness level is low;Although a relatively complete casting industry standard system has been built, most enterprises passively implement the standard, and some enterprises have a rejection rate of more than 30%.

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