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Precision casting materials

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Precision casting materials

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The metal materials of precision casting enterprises mainly come from outsourcing materials, waste castings and pouring risers.However, the purchased metal materials are usually in bulk, few of which are pressed into the shape of a cylinder. Materials of different materials are easily confused together, such as 316 materials mixed with 304 or 430 materials.Therefore, precision casting enterprises to choose as far as possible to purchase pressed into cylindrical materials.The chemical composition of each batch of purchased materials is analyzed by spectroscopic analyzer.If possible, field visits should be made to the supplier to evaluate whether the materials are labeled, protected and stored in isolation.Precision casting

This enterprise's scrap (waste casting, pouring riser) to be carried out rust removal, oil removal, sand removal and clean and dry treatment, control S, P components.In addition, different materials of scrap steel to be identified, protection, separate storage, can not be confused.

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