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Determine whether domestic machine tools can expand the market share of important factors

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Determine whether domestic machine tools can expand the market share of important factors

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Precision casting in our country has been expanding its market under the condition of precision casting parts, accelerate continuously upgrade the domestic market demand structure, imports will hit a record high, but domestic demand appear significantly reduce the phenomenon of low end products, precision casting domestic enterprises can speed up the adjustment of product structure, quickly meet the needs of users, are important factors to decide whether it to expand the market share of domestic machine tool.At present, China's precision casting industry has a considerable scale, a large number of casting industry scientific and technological progress into the field of application, the manufacturing level of individual products even close to the international advanced level. 

High-precision casting products are widely used in key fields such as automobile, ship and energy, providing high-end and precision equipment for China. Among the products imported from China, China imports a lot of casting parts and cutting tools, which indicates that the bottleneck of functional components in China has not been significantly changed

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