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Comparison of stainless steel castings and forgings

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Comparison of stainless steel castings and forgings

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The difference between stainless steel casting and stainless steel forging:

1. Stainless steel castings have good abrasion resistance and anti-shock function, because the graphite in cast iron is good for lubrication and oil storage, so the anti-shock performance of gray cast iron is better than that of steel.

2. The stainless steel castings process performance is good, because the grey cast iron carbon content is high, close to the eutectic composition, low melting point, good liquidity, small shrinkage rate, thus suitable for casting structure or complex thin wall castings. In addition, because the graphite to form a chip breaker when machining easily, so the grey cast iron can be cutting machining is superior to the steel.

3. The structure and mechanical properties of stainless steel can be improved after forging.Casting organization after forging method of thermal deformation due to the deformation and recrystallization of stainless steel, make the original bulky dendrite and columnar grain to grain is fine and uniform axial recrystallization organization, make the ingot in the original segregation, porosity, porosity, slag compaction and welded, such as its organization become more closely, plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal.Valve accessories

4. The mechanical properties of stainless steel castings are lower than those of forgings of the same material.However, the forging process can ensure the continuity of the metal fiber structure, so that the fiber structure of the forging and the shape of the forging remain consistent, which can ensure that the parts have good mechanical properties and long service life.

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