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How to perform shell mold firing for precision casting

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How to perform shell mold firing for precision casting

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How to conduct shell mold firing and casting of precision casting parts

When formally conducting shell mold sintering for precision casting, it is necessary to push the wax shell mold with shell mold to the sintering furnace, take out the shell mold to check whether there is any break or crack, clean up the gate cup, put it on the shell mold cart neatly with the cup mouth down.Start the main power supply of sintering furnace, open the furnace door, clean the furnace with broom and air gun.Pick up the shell mould fork carefully with the shell mould fork in turn and slowly put it into the furnace. During the process of putting in the shell mould, do not make the shell mould touch the bottom or wall of the furnace to avoid breaking.Set sintering temperature according to product type and technical requirements, generally 1000~1200℃.Start sintering oil pump with oil pressure of about 105~2.0kg/m2. Ignite with torch in the combustion nozzle. After successful ignition, make the flame combustion stable and preheat the furnace.In the first furnace, when the chamber is heated to above 600℃, the shell is heated up, the furnace door is closed, and the oil amount and wind pressure are adjusted again to make it completely burn.

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