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How to configure the coating for precision casting

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How to configure the coating for precision casting

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How to configure the coating for precision casting

There are some curious customers is really an interesting thing, recently we are also interested in precision casting coating preparation method, then our company to everyone to explain it:

Physical and chemical parameters of silica sol mainly include SIO2 content, density, Na2o content, PH value, kinematic viscosity, colloidal particle diameter, etc. These physical and chemical parameters mainly affect the strength of precision cast shell, the stability of coating and the powder to liquid ratio of coating.

Because it is very difficult for precision casting enterprises to test these physical and chemical parameters, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the selection, evaluation and confirmation of suppliers. On the other hand, silicon sol of different specifications should be selected for surface layer and back layer, s-830 silicon sol for surface layer and s-1430 silicon sol for back layer.The quality of the casting is directly affected by the method of coating preparation in precision casting.Precision casting

The coating preparation usually adds silica sol first, then adds wetting agent to mix well, adds refractory powder in the stirring, and finally adds defoaming agent.To ensure the quality of coating, surface coating are all new material, stirring time should be more than 24 hours to use, such as part of new ingredients, mixing time can be shortened to twelve hours. A transition layer and back layer of paint mixing time can be less than the surface coating, all for the new match paint, stirring time is more than ten hours, part for the new timing, mixing time can be shorten the half.Match the paint if not used, should be sealed to prevent evaporation of water.

Above is precision casting coating preparation method, if you need precision casting, you can choose to consider our company.

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