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6 problems in precision casting

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6 problems in precision casting

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6 problems in precision casting process

Influenced by the national policies, the industrial structure of many precision casting factories is now changing towards energy conservation and environmental protection. Then, what should we pay attention to in the energy-saving production of precision casting? The following is a summary of six points:

1. Adopt optimized design and process to improve the process yield of precision casting parts.Changing the gating system to use thermal insulation risers usually increases the outlet rate while maintaining the quality of precision castings. If the outlet rate can be increased from 60% to 70%, the energy consumption can be reduced by 14.3%.

2. Adopt high compactness molding machine and modern core technology to reduce casting quality and machining allowance as much as possible.It has been proved that high-pressure molding can reduce casting quality by 3%-5% compared with manual molding and ordinary machine molding, and the machining allowance can be kept at 2-3mm.Reducing weight not only saves energy in precision casting workshops, but also reduces energy consumption in subsequent processing.

3. Adopt energy-saving technological process and reasonably organize production.For example, use self-hardening resin sand or surface dry type instead of clay sand drying type to save energy consumption of drying casting type;In order to cancel the graphitization annealing process, the proper composition of precision castings should be determined strictly and effective inoculation scheme should be adopted.To popularize cast ductile iron, it is required that the elongation after break is less than 12%.Frequency harmonic vibration aging process should be adopted as far as possible, and stress reduction thermal aging process should be removed.

4. Save materials and try to reuse.Because the production of any material requires energy.

5, precision casting enterprises large-scale production, that is, the output of each casting unit is more than 5000t.Because of the large production capacity of the enterprise, the furnace will work for a long time, and the heating energy consumption of the furnace itself can be spread out to each ton of precision casting energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

6, improve the management level, reduce the rejection rate.For example, for a precision casting plant with an annual output of 5000t, every 1% decline in the rejection rate is equivalent to an extra production of 50t precision castings. According to the calculation of energy consumption per ton of 400kgee, 20t standard coal can be saved in a year, that is, the energy consumption per ton of precision castings is reduced by 4kgee.

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