My Top 10 Albums Of 2016

After posting my top 10 films of 2016 last week, it seemed natural to also do a roundup of my top 10 favourite albums of 2016.

There were some truly spectacular albums release this year, and while many were memorable my number one decision was far and away a clear choice. I think I've almost listened to it every day since it's been released, it's pure poetry. Please give it a listen if you haven't already - it's on Spotify!

Curious at what my picks were in previous years? 2015 and 2014 are here! What were your favourite albums of 2016?

10. Frank Ocean, Blonde

I thought that I was dreaming / When you said you loved me

9. Blood Orange,  Freetown Sound

Call it all for nothing / But I'd rather be nothing to you

8. Tegan and Sara, Love You To Death

You know I'm ready for anything to happen / Take this passion, turn it into action

7. Kendrick Lamar,  untitled unmastered.

See you thinking too much, plus you too full of yourself / Worried about your career, you ever think of your health?

6. A Tribe Called Quest, We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service

Kids, don't you know how all this shit is fantasy?

5. Chance the Rapper, Coloring Book

She don't laugh the same way no more / We don't do the, we don't do the same drugs, do the same drugs no more

4. Angel Olson,  My Woman

I dare you to understand / What makes me a woman

3. Beyoncé, Lemonade

Who the fuck do you think I is? / You ain't married to no average bitch, boy

2. Radiohead, A Moon Shaped Pool

Red crosses on wooden doors / If you float you burn

1. Solange, A Seat at the Table

"Why you always gotta be, why you always gotta be so mad?" / I got a lot to be mad about 

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