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It's been a little quiet around here lately, and although I generally don’t feel the need to explain absences I thought I would in this instance. A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, which despite not being a huge surprise (I’m quite sure I’ve been dealing with both on and off since high school) it has been a lot to come to terms with. Facing these illnesses and how I go ahead looking after myself has been hard work, but for me, having them formally diagnosed is the first step to getting better.

I wanted to bring this up as I’ve found talking to people about this really helps – almost all of my friends that I’ve spoken to about this has mentioned they have dealt (or are currently dealing) with similar illnesses. Knowing that it’s not uncommon and having your friends share their own experiences had helped immensely.

So instead of blogging, I’ve been doing other things. Watching movies, seeing my friends more often, reading more, listening to music more, starting to exercise again: things that make me happy, yet I’ve been neglecting. Getting into a regular habit with some these is really crucial to recovery, so I’ve been prioritising them over my blog, which, at the end of the day, is really just a creative outlet for me.

I could definitely write more about all of this, but this is just a bit of a summary to say here’s what’s up, and that things are tough but I’m getting through it. And if any of you are going through similar things, I’m always here to talk if you need someone to listen <3

+ Twin Peaks is one of my favourite shows and its soundtrack is incredible. When I heard it was getting released on vinyl I pre-ordered it immediately and yes, it’s just as gorgeous on vinyl
+ A wintery holiday to Port Fairy with friends was the perfect Melbourne getaway
+ How amazing is the new Solange album? I think I've listened to it every morning for the past month. Seriously worth a listen!
+ I had a short holiday in Tasmania that made me want to move there immediately, if only the weather wasn’t so cold!
+ I recently discovered Storenvy, and bought this cute t-shirt that adequately portrays my love of ramen
+ Yet again, The Premises continues to rule Melbourne’s brunch scene
+ I marathoned the latest season of Black Mirror on Netflix and have been shouting my love for it all over social media – no apologies here, you need to watch it.
+ The weather is finally warm enough to ride my bike to work – love that Melbourne skyline!
+ Speaking of warmer weather, I also saw the return of rooftop burgers and beers last week. So excited for summer!

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