5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Bathroom

As a renter, I'm constantly despairing over the fact that I am restricted in what I can do to improve my house. The number one source of my despair? My bathroom. Oh, how I wish I could renovate the entire space! Until the day when housing in Melbourne becomes affordable again (unlikely), I use the following tips to help my bathroom look a little less sad. 

1 / Candles everywhere, on everything
Nothing pairs better than candles and a bath. While I like to keep a Diptyque candle in my bathroom for these moments, there's definitely other gorgeous candles that won't (literally) burn a hole in your pocket.

2 / Draw attention to products with nice packaging
I've made no secret of my love of Aesop products, and due to their gorgeous packaging, it's a great idea to display them on your counter to take advantage of that iconic brown bottle. Of course, there's plenty of other beautiful bathroom products that you can proudly set on display - some of my other favourites are Grown Alchemist and Kiehls. 

3 / Add greenery
Depending on the plant, your bathroom can be the perfect place to see your plants thrive. Plants such as ferns and peace lily's love the humidity created from showers, plus it gives you a chance to display them in some beautiful pots.

4 / Mix up your storage
As someone who has zero storage room in my bathroom, it definitely forces you to be creative. I love the idea of using a stool or chair to hold clean towels!

5 / Add art
Adding prints definitely makes a room feel more personal, so adding a couple to your bathroom will make it feel less sterile. Don't forget to make sure it's framed!

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