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January 15th, 2016 - Friday, 7:08pm

Friday, you're an absolute gem! This week has been quite hectic, so I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing tonight except maybe have a bath and keep reading Margaret Atwood's 'Surfacing'. 

So David Bowie died this week, a death which deeply affected many people, myself included. His music has played throughout every stage of my life, and I'm profoundly grateful I got to see his exhibit at ACMI last year. What an incredible man.

In slightly less sombre news, I also went to see 'The Revenant' with Justin and some friends on Tuesday. I LOVED it. Oh my God,  the cinematography was absolutely exquisite, the composition of some shots took my breath away. The score was magnificent too, it totally complemented the environment of the film. Leo was obviously amazing, too.

On Wednesday - ohmygod - WEDNESDAY, it was so hot!! It was 44 degrees here in Melbourne, absolutely awful. Anyway, I left work early on Wednesday as mum, dad, Flavia and I went to Cobram for old uncle Peter's funeral on Thursday. We stayed in an old motel that hadn't changed a bit since we were last there, what, 15 years ago? 
The funeral was very sad but very moving, particularly as it brought back a lot of memories of Granny's funeral 6 months ago. It was really lovely to see my second cousins and extended family again though, despite the circumstances. And old aunty Margaret, what an absolute trooper. A 79-year-old nun who only ever refers to God as She/Her. Absolute legend.

I could probably ramble on and on for 10 more pages but I think restricting myself forces me to choose my words more carefully.

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