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Let's get to know each other, shall we? I'd like to create more personal content here from time to time, and what better way than to show my first handwritten journal entry for 2016? I kept a diary for years when I was a teenager, a habit I grew out of as I entered my final year of high school, but one I have returned to on and off since. Putting pen to paper this evening was like returning to a favourite book; it felt so familiar and the words came so easily. Sometimes I find when I'm typing up a blog post my writing is clunky and unfamiliar, but when I write on paper it flows much better.

At this stage, I'm hoping to share all of my journal entries here on Bramble & Thorn, warts and all. It might be boring, and it might not be glamorous, but it's me.

January 3rd, 2016 - Sunday, 7:10pm

Well, would you look at that. It's 2016, and here I am writing in a journal like I'm back in 2005. Except minus the love for My Chemical Romance and the rumblings of an eating disorder. It's funny thinking back on how consistent I was in writing in my diary back then, particularly when I compare myself to now when I find it nearly impossible to stick with a habit for more than a week. Not that I'm intending for this to be a daily journal, but I really miss the feeling of actually physically writing, plus I like the idea of having a place to stick my mementos from my day to day travels. I do so much writing online that it's actually quite cathartic to just jot all this nonsense down.

I suppose I'm feeling a little wistful as it's the last day of the Christmas holidays today, so I'm back off to work tomorrow. I'm trying to combat my gloomy mood by making Stephanie Alexander's Chicken Provençal, a favourite that mum used to make. Am I regressing? The smell of the tomatoes, wine and grilled capsicum are making my house smell wonderful, so who cares?

I haven't really made any resolutions for myself in 2016, but I would like to continue on with Japanese lessons this year after a rather intense return to classes last year. Learning a new language gives your brain a workout like nothing else, so I might try and learning something new every time I write in here.

はももが好きです - I like peaches
いかあまり好きじゃなです - I don't like watermelon very much

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