Escaping To Port Fairy For The Long Weekend

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For those who are unaware, in Australia (or Melbourne, more specifically) we have a public holiday for a horse race. Yes, the first Tuesday of November is a day off in order to celebrate the Melbourne Cup, an event that involves people getting dressed up, wearing ridiculous headpieces, drinking champagne, and betting on horses. It also largely involves getting absolutely wasted, women punching police officers, animal cruelty, and going home carrying your high heels. Can you sense my disdain for the entire event?

To make the most of the long weekend (and to escape Melbourne and its horse-mania) I travelled to my hometown of Port Fairy, a place I've written about here multiple times. Port Fairy is the total antithesis of Melbourne: relaxed, quiet, and calm. 

It rained for most of the weekend which was no inconvenience to me, it gave me an excuse to stay inside and watch the miserable weather from the couch as I read my book. I did venture out a couple of times - I need to visit the beach at least once while I'm there, and when the sun came out I indulged in some ice cream from my favourite ice creamery, Poco.

As always, my four day holiday ended far too soon, and before I knew it I was in the car on Tuesday returning to Melbourne. I love Melbourne, but whenever I go home to Port Fairy it makes me wish I could stay there permanently once again. It was lovely to return back to the craziness of the city feeling relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the week.

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