The Wishlist 007: In-Between Seasons

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This is an awkward time of year, isn't it? The seasons between winter and summer always have me feeling a little restless, as the constant changes from 30 degrees on one day down to 10 the next make me feel like I'm wearing my entire wardrobe in a single week.

Although I'm speaking from an Australian perspective, I tend to think that those of you in the northern hemisphere will also be feeling the same way. While I'm hoping for the weather to stay warm so I can pack away my tights for a few months, those in Europe will be wishing they could unearth their winter jumpers for good.

Nevertheless, it's not all bad, because one of my all time favourite clothing combinations is a short skirt, a warm jumper, and a good pair of boots - an outfit that is absolutely made for these awkward in-between months. A jumper that is in a neutral and lightweight style is ideal, and Esprit have the perfect pieces for this time of year.

A good skirt is always a great investment too, and I own several in those classic standard colours that suit everyone: grey, maroon, navy, and black. This year I’ve been tending to favour maroon (or oxblood, as it’s so trendily referred to at the moment) over all else, particularly with some great rust-coloured accessories. That faux-leather look is really fantastic with neutral colours as they really compliment each other.

I practically live in stockings for a good portion of the year, and I rely on them particularly when the weather is cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon, as I can whip them off during the day if I need to. Luckily boots look great with or without them, which really makes them the must-have item for in-between seasons.

Skin care is also quite vital during these transitional months, as the change in temperature wreaks havoc on my skin. I rely heavily on my Aesop hand cream and paw paw lip ointment to see me through this time and to get me into summer in one piece!

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