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The 2015 Oscars Best Actress Category Is Stacked | You can count on every Oscar season to have an awfully competitive race for Best Actor, but this year, the real action is with the women
What’s your favorite example of lampshading in pop culture? | Lampshade Hanging (or, more informally, "Lampshading") is the writers' trick of dealing with any element of the story that threatens the audience's Willing Suspension of Disbelief, whether a very implausible plot development, or a particularly blatant use of a trope, by calling attention to it and simply moving on
Sounds of Black Protest Then and Now | The sounds Black people make are the brick and mortar of the United States. Literally. The enslaved African’s singing was a driving force for the free labor that built a young nation and put it at the forefront of empires. Historically, Black Americans have been amongst the primary influencers of music culture. The genres that were born of Black misery, triumph, endurance, protest, and expression have changed the way the entire world sounds. But it’s undeniable that many of these songs were and still are shaped by the fatigue of the constant protest that comes with Black existence
Top 10 Moments from New York Fashion Week | 6. There Was a Lot to Celebrate this Week Both Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang feted their 10th anniversaries with extra-special runway shows. In the after-party department, Lim opted for a quiet dinner with close friends and supporters — while Wang threw an all-night rager, featuring pole dancers and a performance from Ludacris, Tinashe and Lil Wayne

The Problematic Obsession With ‘Curing’ Autism | Autism is a big, messy, complicated subject, especially when you factor in the panic that’s been unleashed by the spread of false notions of a link between the condition and childhood vaccines. But despite the depth of Silberman’s dive into the subject, some very important, very simple — at least in theory — ideas pop out
Melbourne Woman Takes On Transfield Over Children In Detention | This is the Melbourne woman who has corporate giant Transfield Services extremely nervous as it negotiates a new contract to run Australia's offshore immigration detention centers. Transfield is preparing to sign a multibillion-dollar, five-year deal to continue operating the Manus Island and Nauru camps on behalf of the federal government, and Shen Narayanasamy wants to put the release of children at the forefront of the company's mind
Europe’s Refugee Crisis and the Biology of Human Altruism | Not long ago, even the consideration of such altruistic acts would have mostly mystified evolutionary biologists, as they run contrary to the idea of the “selfish gene,” the theory of natural selection that prizes self-interest over self-sacrifice for the benefit of another. The strictest understanding of the notion of “survival of the fittest” posited a simple, difficult question: How would sacrificing your own resources to help someone else provide any benefit to you? If humans are inherently selfish, it’s only because the instinct has long helped the species survive.
How Culture Can Help A City Rebuild After Tragedy | The bombings near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon left a city traumatized. The bleachers on Boylston Street long associated with delight and celebration became a roped-off murder scene. And when people were again allowed to walk down Boylston, they brought offerings. Notes, hats and T-shirts, artwork, stuffed animals, 134 boxes of running shoes … all in tribute to those who were murdered and injured, and to the first responders who saved lives

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