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The Terrible World of Casting Notices | The roles I am considered “right” for are never those of bosses (because I am not male) or strong, confident women (because I am not thin by commercial standards). Looks are everything in the world of casting, and oh, how much worse it gets from there
“You can’t watch everything”: A pragmatic guide to peak TV | With so many choices and so little viewing time, how do you decide what’s worth watching? You can start with the following breakdown of the new fall premieres, each of which The A.V. Club has ranked on a priority scale of 1 (lowest priority) to 5 (highest priority)
A Short History of Songs of the Summer | If we’re to crown a Song of the Summer in our glorious seasonal afterglow, it helps to get a sense of what’s defined one in the past. This playlist—while not comprehensive or definitive—looks back into the history, the cultural DNA, of American pop’s Songs of the Summer to take stock of what constitutes the prestigious title, the classics and this summer's zeitgeist
Watch Amy Schumer tell Stephen Colbert about the time she rented Jake Gyllenhaal's apartment and stole cake right out of his fridge | "He left a frozen cake in his freezer. It was very old, like it was not edible," began Schumer. "It was an old, frozen cake. And I would get drunk and I would eat it, and I would talk as if he was there and I was at the party the cake was served at."

Beware the Manic Pixie Dream Boyfriend | He relishes breaking rules, and relishes even more his complete lack of concern that he’ll get caught. He gushes about tripping on mushrooms at Burning Man and he’s happy to supply you with some, as long as you promise to do them in nature. And he is determined to show women — no matter how much more successful, wealthy, beautiful, happy, and confident they are than him — that they aren’t living life to the fullest
The Best Street Style From New York Fashion Week | The Fashion Week crowd upped their game for this weekend's shows: Look at Hanne Gaby Odiele, who wore her Alexander Wang platform combat boots with Acne's "RADICAL FEMINIST" sweater
An Expert on Bullying Explains Donald Trump’s Mean, Consequence-Free Rise | Part of what's been strange about the trajectory of the campaign so far is that Trump hasn't been punished, in any real sense, for engaging in the sort of behavior that almost everyone agrees is terrible in any setting. Yes, each gross incident is followed by a wave of denunciations, but they don't seem to have an impact — if anything, Trump seems to be gaining popularity by bullying
Should you really surround yourself with 'positive people' only? | It seems to me that more and more people use descriptors like "toxic" and "negative" and homemade diagnoses such as "narcissist" and "psychopath" as a way to justify their dislike of the person. By grounding our umbrage in what seems like official -- and therefore inarguable – language, we are able to solidify our cases for avoidance of those co-workers, friends and relatives we deem less pleasant than ourselves. It's a convenient way of distancing oneself and othering the difficult person, all the while holding onto the moral high ground


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