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Loose Leaf, Melbourne, Plants, Interior, Bramble and Thorn

I was browsing the archives of my blog recently and discovered that I really don't talk too much about life in Melbourne. Given that Melbourne has recently been named the world's most liveable city for the fourth year in a row (Vienna, Vancouver, Toronto, and Adelaide rounded out the top 5) I thought I should feature my amazing city with a bit more regularity! Although it's getting close to impossible to afford a house here now (Melbourne's median house price has broken the $700,000 AUD/$512,000 USD mark) and I've somewhat adjusted to the idea of renting for at least another 10 years, I really doubt I could pick a better city to live in than Melbourne. Shopping, movies, food, nature, concerts, trams, galleries, festivals (music, film, fashion, food, take your pick), markets, I could go on endlessly about the things I love about this city.

Loose Leaf, Melbourne, Plants, Interior, Bramble and Thorn
Let's start with the obvious: shopping. I've been on a bit of an interiors kick recently, passing up clothes in favour of pieces to occupy the spaces in my house. Greenery is something I've been trying to encorporate more throughout my entire house, and although I haven't had much luck in the past keeping indoor plants alive I thought I'd give it another shot.

Enter Loose Leaf, an incredibly photogenic plant shop/florist located just off Smith Street in an old warehouse. The store has been open for just over a year and is a collaboration between partners Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler, whose extensive combined career experience includes floristry, horticulture, permaculture and design.

Loose Leaf, Melbourne, Plants, Interior, Bramble and Thorn
The front section of their space is dedicated to a stunning array of all flowers, only those that are fresh and seasonal. Further along you'll find an inspiring range of indoor plants such as the ever-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig as well as other low-maintance varieties that thrive in minimal light. There's also delicate air plants, intricate terrariums and some truly gorgeous ceramics and stands to help show off your greenery.

It was honestly a struggle to exercise self-control here, but in the end I walked away with two plants: a Madonna lily and a burgundy rubber plant. I'm hoping I can manage to keep my black thumb at bay and nuture these beauties into something that will eventually submerge my living room in a sea of green.

Loose Leaf, Melbourne, Plants, Interior, Bramble and Thorn
/ 31 Sackville Street Collingwood 3066
/ Opening Hours: Tue to Sat 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Loose Leaf, Melbourne, Plants, Interior, Bramble and Thorn
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