Beautiful Spaces: A New Bedroom

When first moving out of home, you rarely have the luxury of buying nice furniture and other bits and pieces. The sheer amount of things that need to be purchased usually leaves one with very limited options, most of which is sourced from IKEA and online marketplaces. Not the most inspiring of choices, but it's really the only place to start. Luckily I'm finally entering the stage where I can start ditching the threadbare towels and chipped plates for pieces that are a little nicer. After recently purchasing a new Queen bed, I really want to start by changing up my bedroom. With that realisation, I've decided to bring back a feature that I used to have when I first began this blog last year: Beautiful Spaces.

Image above: Neutral colours sheets create a cosy bedroom.

Images above: Blue and white linen.

Image above: Soft pinks, greys and whites are a gorgeous combination for a calm bedroom.

Image above: A green print can help emphasise smaller plants, while bigger plants can hold their own.

Image above: More hardy blossoms will last for weeks in a vase if you take care of them.

Image above: There absolutely must be room for a candle, mug and stack of books next to the bed
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