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Living in a Post-Delete World | We're living in a moment of cognitive dissonance when it comes to deleting. The more evidence we're presented with that anything we do online can haunt us forever, the more we persist in trying to control our digital histories. A guy can send a barrage of angry tweets at a woman he doesn’t know online and then delete each one, but he can't stop her from posting screenshots. Same goes for celebrities who hit on much-younger women through direct messages
FKA twigs Releases New EP M3LL155X | The followup to twigs' 2014 album LP1 is joined by a mind-bending 16-minute video compiling visuals for "Figure 8", "I'm Your Doll", "In Time", and the YouTube Awards clip for "Glass & Patron". Featuring a cameo from fashion icon Michèle Lamy as well as a segment in which twigs poses as a live sex doll, the four film pieces are described in a press release as "an aggressive statement conceptualising the process of feeling pregnant with pain, birthing creativity and liberation."
Why Nostalgia Rules the Internet and You Can’t Escape ‘Full House’ | Check out the Internet, TV and movie screens, and it seems like everyone is wallowing in the past. Viewers 18 to 40, in particular, are obsessed with the Day-Glo, super-fun time that represents their youthful innocence, when endless viewings of “Clueless” and “Full House” were the centerpiece of many a sleepover. Fueled by social media, this interest in the pop-culture trappings of the recent past, particularly the ’90s, has become a fertile area for TV programmers, who are unleashing a flood of shows over the next year to capitalize on the ever-growing appetite for all things retro
Ellen Page Confronts Ted Cruz Over 'Persecution of Gays' and 'LGTB Rights' | Yesterday, Ellen Page confronted Republican candidate Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair. Cruz was grilling pork chops like a real American when Page walked up and asked him, “What about the question about LGBT people being fired for being gay-trans?” ABC caught the exchange on camera

What’s your go-to pop-culture phrase? | For instance, since my wife and I watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, we no longer have separate categories for lawn mowing, dish washing, carpet vacuuming, and recyclables sorting: These all fall under the mucky umbrella of “Charlie Work.” Likewise, as Louie watchers, the temptation to eat again directly after a large meal can now be eloquently expressed: “Bang bang?” For both of these (regrettably, for the latter), the phrases have been used often enough to enter our household lexicon
Is There Any Right Way to Reject a Guy? | Telling someone you don't want to date them is anxiety-inducing for everyone, but for straight women it's especially difficult. In order to properly reject a guy, we're supposed to be forceful enough that they take our rejection seriously, but nice enough that they don't immediately start plotting our demise. But even if you strike the perfect balance between the two, there's still no guarantee that your rejection will be taken well
Eight things racists say to try and convince people they're not being racist | Because people being racist really, really hate to be called racist, we're seeing them increasingly deploy completely twisted logic to make the case that their racism is not racism. Here are eight common arguments racist use to try and water down what they're saying and make it sound reasonable. Don't fall for it, will you?


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