My Favourite Things in June

In my downtime here in Portugal I thought I'd do some catch up with some of my favourite purchases in June! I actually bought all of these to be used while on holiday, and I'm glad to say I've been pretty happy with most of them so far.

I initially went into Aesop to buy a moisturiser to take overseas as my Clinique one had virtually run out. I'm a huge fan of Aesop's Amazing Face Cleanser (seriously, the spots I was still getting every once in a while have vanished forever) so thought I'd introduce one of their moisturisers into my routine. So far I am pretty impressed! It smells amazing and keeps my combination-oily skin in check in the heat. 

I also bought a lip cream to try out and am unfortunately not as impressed so far. It works well for a time, but I find it needs much more constant application than something like my beloved Paw Paw ointment. It has also been exploding out of the end every time I open it, which has resulted in a bit of wastage. In any case, I'm going to persevere and see if it will pay off.

A repurchase in June was the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I've spoken about this eyeliner before, but just to reiterate: it's amazing. I was absolutely hopeless at using liquid eyeliner before I discovered this stuff, and now I wear it every day! It's SO easy to use and I highly recommend it if you've struggled with eyeliner in the past. Like the name says, it really does stay all day and won't budge from your eyes until it's been cleaned off.

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Finally, I wanted to buy a journal to write in while I was travelling and decided on this beautiful one from the always amazing Rifle Paper Co. I've gotten in the habit of writing in a journal whenever I go on holiday and I'm so glad I have, as it's so fun/cringeworthy to go back and read your entries years later! The first travel journal I wrote was when I went to Malaysia and Thailand at the age of 12 and have been doing so ever since - I even wrote every day when I did my eight month stint travelling from the US, Europe, and Asia. Purchasing a beautiful journal definitely helps encourage the habit, and I rarely need an excuse to buy something from Rifle Paper Co.

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