New Glasses: From Ray-Ban to Burberry

Buying new glasses is a pretty intense experience for me. I find it really hard to find a pair that suit my face, so have stuck with my usual Ray-Ban's for quite a few years now. But, as they say, a change is as good as a holiday (at least, I tell myself that when I'm dying for an actual holiday) so I upgraded my frames to a gorgeous Burberry pair.

Burberry, Glasses, Frames, Bramble and Thorn
I generally wear my glasses four days a week now that I have contact lenses, so knew it was worthwhile investing in good frames, particularly as I'll be wearing them regularly for the next couple of years.

I know this is a shorter than normal post, but I really felt like sharing them! It's so strange to wear new glasses after sticking with my old frames for so long, but am really pleased with how they suit my face.

Burberry, Glasses, Frames, Bramble and Thorn
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