A Winter American Apparel Haul

Nothing says YAS QUEEN like a discount coupon for American Apparel for the Queen's Birthday long weekend! Over the past year I've become a little obsessed with AA, and despite the fact that the clothes are pretty overpriced and their sizes make absolutely no sense to me (I'm an L in skirts and an S in tops, go figure) I'm a big advocate for the quality of their clothes.

I popped into the store on Chapel Street this weekend to use my discount and picked up three pieces. So yes, I may be using the word 'haul' a little generously here, but "a winter American Apparel shopping trip that consisted of me buying three items of clothes" didn't really have the same ring to it.

American Apparel Winter Haul 13 Bramble and Thorn
American Apparel Winter Haul 12 Bramble and Thorn
American Apparel Winter Haul 14 Bramble and Thorn
Confession: I actually already own both of these items in different colours. I have the cable knit jumper in both black and grey, and the tennis skirt in navy. I wear them so much that I decided it was worth investing in a couple of different colours. The jumpers are fantastic for winter, they're so warm and really keep out the cold. On regular day's I generally wear the skirt with tights or over the knee socks as it's pretty short, but for a night out or a music festival, I bring out the bare legs. 

The final piece I picked up is a dress mainly intended for going out in. I decided against putting photos of me wearing it as it's quite sheer and I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to sharing photos of myself here. It's pretty much the perfect dress to wear for a night out dancing and is really flattering too.

American Apparel Winter Haul 11 Bramble and Thorn

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