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Mergers, Sales, and Coups: Every Big Change at Mad Men’s Sterling Cooper | Once upon a time, Sterling Cooper was just a scrappy, one-floor ad agency started with seed money from Bert Cooper's sister Alice. (Alice Cooper. Yep.) And look at 'em now! How did we get here? Journey with us through the long, tortured history of the agency — agencies? — we know and love
What pop culture do you love but disagree with? | What piece of pop culture (or lowly entertainment) do you love despite not necessarily agreeing with what it’s saying?
Drake, Kanye, 1D and The Rise of Emotional Men | True, pop stars have always been messy or flawed. But for the most part, the myth of male masculinity dictates the following: "real" men don’t cry and they don’t outwardly express with anything like sensitivity
WikiLeaks Adds Thousands of Hacked Sony Emails | The move came two weeks after WikiLeaks disclosed that it had published 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails stemming from last winter’s cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange said in an April 16 statement that information was newsworthy, adding, “It belongs in the public domain. WikiLeaks will ensure it stays there”

Explaining the Implicit Quota on Women Executives | Given the recent focus on gender equality in the workplace, many companies are starting or expanding initiatives to hire more women and help train them for leadership roles. But once women reach positions at the top of a company, does it then become easier for other women to join them there?
The 10 Cities That Are Doing The Most For Millennials | Cities want to attract young people but are mostly run by and for old people. These are the 10 cities that focus best on the kids
My 72 Self-Absorbed Hours With the Apple Watch | The Apple Watch is a watch made by this company called Apple. Have you heard of it? The watch can send texts, calibrate the Earth’s rotation, and show you an ongoing series of pictures of jellyfish moving underwater. It even tells time
Why French Women Don’t Contour | Here's another reason for Frenchwomen to brag: According to French editorial makeup artist Violette, none of them are struggling to understand the mysteries of contouring
Tesla Now Has An Energy Division, And It's Making Batteries To Power Your House | The PowerWall will store excess solar energy, take power from the grid when it's cheapest, and provide back-up power in emergencies

Words of Wisdom Wall Art | Hand Lettered Print
Lavender Chamomile Facial Oil | The oils chosen to make up this elixir are "dry" oils so they don't just linger on the surface of the skin. Most of the oil will sink into skin where it helps keep your skin looking and feeling nourished
Langdon Wall Sconce - Modern, Industrial, Brass Wall Lamp | An elegant lamp, hand-made from American walnut or maple and solid, hand polished brass
Delicate Golden Leaf Skeleton Drop Earrings | Long and impressive, very light, made of raw brass, hanged from a long ear wire kidney hooks

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