ASOS Wishlist: Coats

l-r, above: ASOS Coat With Cocoon Fit In Textured WoolASOS Classic Mac in BlackASOS Classic Mac in WhiteASOS Mac with Biker Detail in Skater Fit

As we enter May and head ever closer to winter here in the southern hemisphere, I've been spending a lot of my internet shopping time trying to decide on a coat (or three) to buy for the season. Of course, as with many people ASOS is generally my go-to for a good portion of my wardrobe, so I've picked a few of my favourites to try and narrow down my choice.

(I'm starting to realise that this is beginning to sound like a sponsored post, but I swear it's not!)

I've pretty much decided that I'm going to get a camel coat of some sort, but I'd like to get another in a different colour too. The mint one is such a pretty shade, so I'm quite tempted to buy it, and the black classic mac is such a great cut!

Any advice in the comments below would be most appreciated! What's your favourite coat here? I'm afraid if I don't have some proper guidance I may accidentally buy the lot of them!

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