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Taylor Swift Set To Lana Del Rey Is The New Wizard Of Oz Set To Pink Floyd | Did Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey plan this during an Illuminati meeting? Probably not, but that doesn’t make the connection any less compelling. Check it out for yourself
What media have you spitefully avoided because someone you don’t like recommended it to you? | My college girlfriend bought me Winesburg, Ohio for my 20th birthday and I still have not read it because she was a psycho. I even keep it on my bookshelf so I can see it and know I’m avoiding it on purpose
How Much Is Music Really Worth? | After more than a century of cultural flux, music is now priceless. Or is that worthless?
Ryan Phillippe Looks Back on His ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Days | Now 40, with kids old enough to watch the R-rated horror pic (though he says they haven’t), Phillippe admits he feels like a dinosaur, with a remake of the popcorn thriller in development
The director of It Follows is developing a TV series | Although It Follows has turned out to be, if not a sleeper hit, a word-of-mouth success in theaters, in the topsy-turvy media world in which we are now living, if your movie does well, it’s time to go into TV

'Wellness Guru' Belle Gibson lied about having brain cancer, profited from lying about bogus cancer cures | After journalists dug into her questionable cancer cure claims, "natural healing" huckster Belle Gibson has admitted she lied to her followers, her friends, her family, and vulnerable cancer patients about having cancer, and curing her cancer with food and woo
An Interview With the French Author Who Has Happiness Figured Out | For decades, the French have ranked among the world's most pessimistic people, so it's fitting — in a life-is-a-farce-and maybe-also-merde kind of way — that a Frenchman should write a provocative, possibly even helpful, book about happiness
Lena Dunham on Why She’s an Imperfect Feminist | I always tell people — particularly angry internet commentators — that there is no such thing as a perfect feminist, and I am no exception. Some phrases that have left my lips in the past: ‘What a ho,’ ‘Hey, hooker,’ ‘sup, slut.’ Some songs I kept listening to: "Big Pimpin'," "It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp"; age 13, my best friend and me in her bedroom screaming along to Sublime, "Annie’s 12 years old and two more she’ll be a whore."
How did gardening become so cool? | Like pickling, knitting and comfortable sandals, the Millennials have yet again stolen something from the hands of the elderly generation and claimed it for themselves. In this case, it's the gentle art of gardening

Strawberry Lattice Pie | Joy the Baker

Cone Shaped Face Vase | Pretty wall pocket, made of white clay and glazed white only on the inside, the outside is bisque porcelain
Cashew Candies with Raisins | White Chocolate, vegan, raw
Aromatics Culinary herbs bilingual print | Basil, parsley, laurel, rosemary, tarragon, mint, dill, chives, thyme, sage, oregano... the whole culinary herbs family illustrated on a beautiful black background
Antique Sterling Clothes Brush | This finely hand crafted piece shows exquisite repoussĂ© work (a metal smithing technique of hammering out the surface from the underside of the metal to create dimensional relief decoration)
Lily Pond Print | GiclĂ©e print of an original painting

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