Finding The Right Red Dress

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I attended my first bachelorette party last weekend. It was a fun night, yet the lead up was somewhat of a daunting experience, as I really had no idea what to expect, let alone what to wear!

While looking for something to buy that I could wear for the evening, I trawled the usual sites, then discovered something new: Weddingshe. This is an online supplier of wedding dresses and women’s special occasion gowns, including a gorgeous collection of red prom dresses that definitely suited the location I was visiting for the bachelorette party (a Brazilian nightclub)!

There’s not much I like more than window shopping stunning dresses online, and I had a great time drooling over the beautiful colours, fabrics and designs that were on offer on the website. Of course, I categorically think that red is the colour you want to go for when picking out a dress like this, as it is such a classic shade, yet demands attention. There’s so many lovely hues here to choose from too, from a deep oxblood to a light, almost pink shade. I’ve picked out a couple of my favourite red dresses below, and will be keeping an eye on the sale on their website so I can pick some up!

The dresses for sale are definitely perfect for any formal event, and are so much less expensive than those sold in boutique stores or at shopping centres, not to mention there’s so much variety on offer! The online store ships internationally (with a following throughout the US, Australia, Europe and Asia) so enjoying spending the rest of your evening browsing through the endless amounts of pretty dresses on display here :)

*This is a sponsored post.

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