7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #19

You may have noticed a few changes over on my blog this week - I have a shiny new layout, but there was about a day where it was looking a bit funky while it was being tweaked to look just right. There's nothing like a new blog theme to reinvigorate your blogging schedule, am I right? As for the rest of the week, work is fantastic at the moment, but now that we’re well and truly in autumn it’s a little depressing leaving work when it’s dark outside. I love all the autumnal colours around Melbourne at the moment, it’s such a beautiful time of year!

1. Purchased the new Cereal and Kinfolk magazines. I’m particularly excited to dive into Cereal, as there’s a section on Lisbon and I need to get some ideas for my holiday there in July!

2. Rainy days when you’re inside are just the best! I felt so cosy at work this week with my enormous cup of tea while it was raining heavily outside.

3. Spent wayyyy to much money at Gorman (my favourite Australian clothing label). No regrets though: my dog Ziggy seems to love sleeping on my new trousers.

4. I went to a show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Not much to say here, other than it was utterly bizarre and mostly hilarious.  

5. Ramen for dinner on Friday night – it’s been too long! It was unbelievably good, and most importantly the egg was cooked to perfection!

6. I’ve still got a whole bunch of Easter eggs left from Easter, and my self-control is basically at zero so I’ve been on a sugar high pretty much all week. Wheee!

7. And, uh, four new episodes of Game of Thrones leaking online on Sunday afternoon? That’s pretty much the best way to finish off a weekend (if someone was to download them *shifty eyes*)

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