7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #18

Don't you just love it when you could have SWORN you clicked 'publish' on a blog post, only to find it still sitting in your drafts a week later? Good one, Tessa. Ok, so this is a *little* delayed, but I had such a lovely Easter break I just wanted to talk about it a bit over here!

1. Getting out of work early on Thursday to drive down to Port Fairy for four wonderful days at the beach with my family. Such a good feeling!

2. Taking my dogs for a walk along the beach, accompanied by the most beautiful sunset I've seen in quite a while.

3. Chocolate. Need I say more?

4. It's finally cool enough in Melbourne to start wearing jumpers to work! Oh how I love autumn.

5. I finished reading The First Bad Man by Miranda July. A strange but excellent read!

6. Purchased my first Essie nail polishes! I can't believe I went so long without them, they are amazingly long-lasting and the colours are gorgeous.

7. Easter Sunday was spent with my family, with an amazing roast lunch that was so delicious I needed a nap in the afternoon to recover.

I hope you all had a great week!

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