7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #16

This week was all about planning for my holiday to Europe in June and July. Most of my time will be spent in Northern Italy, however I'm going to pop over to Porto and Lisbon in Portugal for 11 days! I've never been to Portugal before, so I'm really excited about being able to spend a good amount of time between these two cities. 

1. I am IN LOVE with my new Nike roshe polka dot runners! They are so comfortable and perfect for work!

2. As I've mentioned a couple of times on my blog, I adore the Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli. I recently received the art book for one of their films Kiki's Delivery Service, and is has a beautiful introduction by Hayao Miyazaki at the start. The art in this book is absolutely gorgeous.

3. So I started watching the HBO documentary The Jinx yesterday, and as I write this today I've almost finished it. I knew I had to get onto it when there was so much hype about it during the week, and now I understand why. It is so good. Seriously, do yourself a favour and check it out.

4. We had a storm in Melbourne during the week, which left the most beautiful sky in its wake. I had a great vantage point from Richmond, so just had to take a photo.

5. As I mentioned, I bought flights to Porto and Lisbon in July. As if that's not exciting enough, it happened to time perfectly with NOS Alive, a music festival in Lisbon. Alt-J, Muse, The Prodigy, Mumford and Sons, Metronomy, Future Islands are just a couple of names over the three day festival, so I'm definitely keen to get along to at least one day!

6. It's hot cross bun season...need I say more? I've been eating them practically every day for breakfast, as I need to get my fill before Easter arrives! I know they're practically just raisin bread, but my god do I love them!

7. Speaking of Easter, I've been indulging in chocolate a little more than usual due to the abundance at the supermarket. It's not every day you can buy Malteser Easter bunnies!

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