My Favourite Things In January

(Frankie Magazine's "Spaces: Volume 2", Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque, Diptyque Candle in Feu de Bois, Freedom Copper Hinged Table Lamp)

I had to rein in my spending a bit in January, as there was one large purchase that is not featured here: return flights to Europe for a month-long holiday in June! I'm so excited to be returning to Europe after my last holiday there in 2012, particularly since flying to Europe from Australia is no easy feat.

I did, however, pick up a couple of nice treats for myself in January after the flights were safely deducted from my bank account. As I mentioned in this blog post, I gave into blogger peer pressure and bought a full sized Diptyque candle in Feu de Bois. Yes, at this point it is a bit of a cliche, but holy moly, they do smell incredible. And they last for so long! I've become absolutely addicted to having mine burn next to me while I'm at my desk in the evening, and the gorgeous scent spreads throughout the house quite quickly. Massively overpriced? Yes, but it's a beautiful treat to indulge in every once in a while.

Bramble and Thorn January 2 Favourites

The second volume in Frankie Magazine's Spaces collection was a gift to me from my mum, which was excellent timing as I very nearly bought it for myself in Magnation a couple of days previously. It's a stunning collection of homes of creative people throughout Australia - makes sense given Frankie is an Australian publication. What I love about it is the houses that are featured aren't insanely manicured; they look lived in, clean yet inviting. I really want to get my hands on the first volume now!

Bramble and Thorn January Favourites

Bramble and Thorn January 3 Favourites

Another purchase I'll be sure to repeat is Aesop's primrose cleansing mask. Ok, so if you want to get technical about it, I actually bought in on December 31st, but I really needed a chance to tell you all about how great this product is. Their parsley seed mask tends to receive a bit more attention on beauty blogs (perhaps because it comes in the iconic metallic tube), however I am absolutely in love with the primrose variety! I've been using it religiously twice a week, and my skin loves it. My face is so soft and feels so clear ever since I started using it, and will definitely be keeping it in my routine.

Bramble and Thorn January 4 Favourites

Finally, something I actually purchased in November but was only available to me in January. I spent two months waiting and waiting for the phone call to tell me that the lamp had come back in stock, and it finally did two weeks ago! I'm ever so slightly obsessed with all things copper at the moment, so it's definitely found itself a good home amongst the rest of my copper and rose gold possessions. It's been so nice over the past year to pick up new pieces for my house here and there, and it really feels like a proper home to me now.

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