Beauty Favourites In 2014


I've treated myself to quite a few beauty products this year, mainly because most of my make up was on the older side, or just didn't suit me. With a bit of research (and assistance from several helpful staff members) I've picked up a number of products that have quickly become invaluable. Make up prices in Australia are amongst the most expensive in the world, so consequently a number of these were bought duty free. Having said that, it's quite nice to treat yourself every once in a while to higher end products, and I'm happy to report each of these has more than paid for themselves.

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When I wrote about my Japan beauty haul, I was positively gushing over the MAC Plumful Lipstick that I'd just picked up. I have since worn the shade almost every day since I bought it, and will definitely be purchasing another once I've finished this one (which will be alarmingly soon, considering how often I use it).

When in Japan I also bought the most life-changing mascara ever: Yves Saint Laurent Mascara 'Volume Effet Faux Cils'. I've never used a mascara this perfect before (probably because I've never paid over $20 for a mascara in my life), it makes my eyelashes super long and doesn't clump at all. It's incredible! I even think it even smells nice, is that weird?

More recently, I bought my first liquid eyeliner (I know, I know). I've only ever used kohl eyeliner, which I know must sound crazy for someone that almost exclusively wears cat eye makeup. But then came Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. Before buying this, I had never gotten the hang of applying liquid liner. I'd tried several different brands via friends, but none have worked for me. But now (on my first application, no less!) I have achieved the impossible. I am now a liquid eyeliner convert, all thanks to this incredible product. 

For my lazy make up days (read: most days), I use the Nars Shadow Pencil in IraklionThis colour is so pretty and is absolutely perfect to quickly apply when you're running late for work. The shade is somewhat of a smoky rose quartz that is beautifully subtle on my eyes. I've used this pencil quite a bit since I bought it, and if I apply a primer on my eyes it stays on all day.

Monthly Favourites, Beauty, Makeup, Chanel, MAC, YSL, Stila, Chloe

If I was going to award any beauty product that I've bought this year for 'product that is almost to beautiful to use', I'd definitely give it to MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. The colours are absolutely stunning! I'm also please to report that it is incredible to wear, it looks beautiful on your skin - not too 'glittery', just a pretty finish.

One of the reasons I love Chanel nail polish is its staying power. I can usually apply once and wear it for at least five days without any hint of a chip, which in itself is not really enough to justify the price...but it sure helps. Chanel Nail Colour in Orage is the best shade I've purchased out of the many nail polishes I've procured over the year, and has the outstanding quality I've come to expect from Chanel.

It's also become kind of a tradition of mine to pick up a new perfume before I catch a plane overseas, as I love to have a scent that reminds me of each holiday. I'll always remember my time in Japan every time I wear Chloé 'Roses de Chloé', a beautifully feminine scent with notes of bergamot essence, rose damascena essence and grey amber. It's also been a fantastic scent for spring and summer!

Monthly Favourites, Beauty, Makeup, Chanel, MAC, YSL, Stila, Chloe

What were your favourite products in 2014? Any recommendations I should add to my ever-growing list?