A Small Christmas Gathering

When people live away from their families, it's only natural that your friends become your family. Growing up, we rely on our family to be there for us, cook for us, and tell us we're amazing. When your family is a two hour drive away, we gravitate to our friends to provide a similar level of comfort.

Luckily for me, my family is only a short tram ride away from me, so I haven't lost this connection just yet. But for many of my close friends, family member are only seen every other weekend. My best friends and I grew up together in the country, and have been lucky enough to carry our friendships from high school through university, and now into the unknown world of being an adult.

One tradition we have maintained over the past few years is catching up for a Christmas lunch in December. It's not much, but it's really lovely to see everyone at the end of year, catching up on events that we may have missed out on.

This year I invited everyone over to my house. We all brought our favourite meal, and arranged a small Kris Kindle to the tune of $20 each. It really forces you to be creative when you're working with a small amount of money, but I think I did pretty well.

In true Melbournian fashion, it was raining throughout the day, so we were forced to stay indoors. I set my lounge room up to be as festive as possible (minus the Christmas tree, sadly).

As everyone arrived, we topped up the champagne and toasted to a good year. We've all had an interesting one: one has just become a doctor, another has just finished the first year of her second degree. This year has been my first complete year of full-time work, which has been both fantastic and eye-opening, making me really consider what I want with my life and how I will achieve it.

It was such a lovely afternoon, and a nice little preview of the real thing at the end of the month!

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