7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #12

Christmas, Diptyque, Bramble and Thorn

So I have to be honest right now and say that this wasn't the greatest week ever. Work has been super stressful this week due to Christmas, which has made everyone irritable. I also had a job interview for a company I really love, and although I thought the interview went really well I unfortunately didn't get the job. It's been a real blow to my confidence, and I'm now feeling a little lost in my direction. Luckily I have a week off over Christmas, as I really need that time now to recharge and reassess.

I suppose weeks like this are the reason I started reflecting on the things that make a 'good' week. It's so easy to let these kind of experiences consume us, obsessing over it until we make ourselves sick. Thinking back on the week, there actually has been nice things happen - my interview, for example, was a really positive experience for me (despite the outcome) - so while I'm feeling a bit down about a couple of things it's nice to remind myself that it's not all bad.

1. We had our work Christmas party on Thursday night which was a lot of fun - the theme was Heroes and Villains, so I dressed up as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. It really was a fun night and it was great to hang out with my colleagues in a social setting.

Bramble and Thorn, Queen of Hearts, Costume, Disney, Alice in Wonderland
Being a villain is so much more enjoyable than a hero.

Bramble and Thorn, Queen of Hearts, Costume, Disney, Alice in Wonderland

Hanging out with fellow villain Maleficent and good girl Snow White.

2. As you can imagine, as our Christmas party was last night I was feeling a little delicate at work today. My boss was kind enough to treat us all to the most incredible bacon and egg rolls for breakfast, as well as an enormous fruit platter to keep us going.

3. As I mentioned over at this blog post, I had a few of my close friends over for a Christmas lunch. It was a lovely day spent catching up on each others lives over good food and wine.

4. All my meetings for the year are officially o-v-e-r. Yay!

5. I've finished watching season one of The Wire, which is an outstanding TV show that I can't believe has taken me so long to watch. Looking forward to binge watching the rest of the series over the Christmas break.

6. Went to the Grace Darling for dinner with some friends on Wednesday night - burgers, beers, and good music (on a school night!) was a nice change of pace.

7. I finished reading The Woman In White. It was an incredible book that I absolutely devoured. If 18th century Gothic literature is your thing, I definitely recommend checking it out!

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