7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #13

I'm on holiday, everyone! After a thoroughly miserable week last week, I'm finally heading down to the coast with my family for ten glorious, work-free days. While the weather in my home town of Port Fairy is temperamental at the best of times, I'm hoping to spend every one of these days at the beach, attempting to get rid of my moon tan.

It's been quite the busy week, which I suppose is inevitable leading up to Christmas. Nevertheless, it's been an improvement on the last, and overall I'm pleased to report that it wasn't hard at all to find the good elements of the week.

1. For my sisters birthday, my family and I went to dinner at a fantastic restaurant in Carlton called The Town Mouse. This was followed up by pretty much the best gelato in Melbourne, Pidapipo. I had Zabaglione and Ricotta, Honey and Cinnamon - so good.

2. I was procrastinating something fierce on Saturday, which manifested itself with a thorough cleaning out of my wardrobe. I managed to rid myself of a couple of garbage bags worth of clothes...which is really just inspiring me to buy more clothes. It's a vicious cycle.

3. As a film lover, it's only natural that I have a strong affinity for the Criterion Collection. Unfortunately they are quite pricy, but a couple of times a year I treat myself to a haul. I recently picked up Picnic At Hanging Rock, Persona, Blue Is The Warmest Colour, and Tokyo Story. All fantastic films, all stunning transfers.

4. A friends of mine recently moved to a gorgeous house in Richmond, which I checked out on Saturday night. We had dinner on her balcony, which had the most stunning views of Melbourne's CBD with a beautiful sunset. It's a great location, and I'll probably be spending a lot of summer over there.

5. New Kinfolk magazine - I'm loving the new format, at the content just keeps getting better and better.

6. I watched a couple of movies over the weekend, and can definitely recommend Nightcrawler as a film you should all check out. It's creepy but incredibly atmospheric.

7. And finally - to reiterate: I'm on holiday! Yay!