7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #11

Watercolor, Writing, Florence and the Machine, Bramble and Thorn

Well, this week was the first official week of summer! The weather hasn't got too hot yet which I'm very thankful for, but I'm definitely feeling like this summer will be spent at the beach every evening. It feels like all of Melbourne has realised it's December, so the city has been incredibly busy over the past week. Pretty frustrating if you want to be somewhere in a hurry while people walk five abreast down Swanston street. And although I've finished my Christmas shopping, I bought some treats for myself, so all in all this was a very successful week!

1.  Impromptu splurge at Gorman, my favourite Australian clothing store. Their designs and prints are so unique, and I regularly drain my pay check there. I ended up picking up a dress and top, both in the same pattern and colour!

Gorman, Clothes, Haul, Bramble and Thorn
2. SBS upfronts were on this week – basically it’s a chance for the network to showcase the programs coming up in 2015 to a room full of media buyers, then have some delicious food and drink out on a rooftop balcony. It was a lot of fun, and we took advantage of the photo booth while we were there!

Recreating our favourite emoji's...standard.

3. I looked after my dogs Ziggy and Polly over the weekend, which is always a treat for me. They love coming to my house because I have a backyard and nice sunny areas in the grass for them to lie in.

Bramble and Thorn, Dog, Ziggy,
Bramble and Thorn, Dog, Ziggy, Polly
Bramble and Thorn, Dog, Ziggy, Polly

4. Christmas trees are popping up everywhere around Melbourne! It’s so exciting, I love seeing the city go all out at this time of year. I work in Federation Square, which has been transformed with dozens of mini Christmas trees and faux snow around the place.

Bramble and Thorn, Federation Square, Christmas

5. I’ve been trying my hand at writing with watercolours, mainly because I wanted to make my own Christmas cards this year. I’ve been practicing writing using Florence + The Machine lyrics, making me feel like I’m 16 again and writing lyrics all over my school folders. I’m actually really enjoying it though, and can slowly see my writing improve as I practice more.

Watercolor, Writing, Florence and the Machine, Bramble and Thorn
6. We had the state election on Saturday, and I was really pleased with the results. Without getting too much into politics here, it’s really great to see The Greens are starting to get a bit more prominence in parliament.

7. Doughboys Donuts and a trip to the market on Saturday! For those who live in Melbourne, I highly recommend Doughboys – they dip each donut by hand. I shared the strawberry belgian chocolate icing with freeze dried strawberry chunks, and the house made caramel sauce with pink sea salt and caramelised buckini dust with Justin. So delicious.

Bramble and Thorn, Doughboys Donuts, Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market

Bramble and Thorn, Doughboys Donuts, Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market

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