My Favourite Things In October

October Favorites, American Apparel, Sailor Moon, Princess Mononoke Kodama, Studio Ghibli, Yves Saint Laurent Mascara, Chloe Roses de Chloe
(1. American Apparel Printed Rayon Mid-Length Tie-Up Blouse, 2. Sailor Moon Pen, 3. Princess Mononoke 'Kodama' plushie, 4. American Apparel Tennis Skirt, 5. Laforet Bracelets, 6. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara 'Volume Effect Faux Cils', 7. Chloé 'Roses de Chloé')

I realise how ridiculous it is to have cute anime merch alongside high-end makeup, but oddly enough it's an accurate summary of my purchases in Japan. I bought a crazy amount of all kinds of things in Japan - clothes, makeup, toys, blu-ray's, prints, books, a calendar, bags...too many things to feature here. There's just so much choice over there! And compared to Australian prices, I'd be stupid not to buy everything I see...right?

On my last day in Japan I was in Tokyo for one final night, and as luck would have it I had a bit of money to get rid of before coming home. I took myself to the gorgeous American Apparel store in Shibuya to pick up a couple of pieces for summer. Unfortunately for me I found it nearly impossible to find summer pieces at most clothing shops in Japan, so AA was my saviour (despite the fact that we have a store in Melbourne). I ended up with five items, but the above skirt and blouse are my favourite picks - the blouse is gorgeously light and the skirt is such a fantastic cut. Perfect for summer!

As I mentioned in this blog post, I visited a well-known shop in Harajuku called Kiddlyland. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that I bought a ridiculous amount of Studio Ghibli and Sailor Moon merch there - it's hard to maintain control when you're surrounded by so many cute products! Luckily I left with some of my dignity in tact, along with a couple of Sailor Moon pens and a plushie from the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke. I gained some of my adult points back by heading to Laforet straight afterwards, and picking up these two beautiful bracelets.

Of course, what overseas trip would be complete with a duty free haul? I have a post on its way with a better look at the makeup I picked up, but for now I'll just focus on two of my favourite pieces. The YSL mascara is, quite honestly, magic. I've never used a mascara this perfect before (probably because I've never paid over $20 for a mascara in my life), it makes my eyelashes super long and doesn't clump at all. It's incredible! And it's also become kind of a tradition of mine to pick up a new perfume before I jump on the plane, as I love to have a scent that reminds me of each holiday. I'll always remember my time in Japan every time I wear Chloé's Roses de Chloé, a beautifully feminine scent with notes of bergamot essence, rose damascena essence and grey amber. It's also such  fantastic scent for spring!