7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #8

Bramble and Thorn, D.O.C, Pizza, Carlton, Melbourne
Can I just say how I am so not ready for summer? We had two days over 30 degrees here in Melbourne this week, and I can feel my body giving up already. It sure doesn't help that my little house doesn't have any air conditioning. Looking back over this week it seems as though most of the highlights occurred around food...but then again, a good week will always be one that has many memorable meals!

1. I started and finished Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl. While I wouldn't say the book totally blew my socks off, it was incredibly relatable. The passage below was literally me, down to a tee, after I had graduated university and was living at home with my parents, unemployed. 
Bramble and Thorn, Not That Kind Of Girl, Lena Dunham, Book
Reading at work...

Bramble and Thorn, Not That Kind Of Girl, Lena Dunham, Book
...and in the bath.

2. Saturday was the first really hot day of spring: 34 degrees (or 95 degrees Fahrenheit for the American’s out there). It was too hot to use my computer, so I broke out the 1,000 piece Spirited Away puzzle that I picked up in Japan and watched two movies: Boyhood and 20,000 Days On Earth. Both were absolutely fantastic, definitely check out 20,000 Days On Earth if you're a fan of Nick Cave.

Bramble and Thorn, Spirited Away Puzzle, Boyhood
3. Caught up with my mum on Wednesday at the best pizza place in Melbourne: D.O.C, in Carlton. We sat outside with a glass of wine and a pizza each…and then I ordered my absolute favourite dessert, a Nutella calzoncino. Soooo delicious.

Bramble and Thorn, D.O.C, Carlton, Nutella Calzoncino, Melbourne
Oh my god you guys...dat Nutella.

4. Celebrating Friday with a trip to Bowery to Williamsburg, an excellent sandwich shop with the most incredible mac and cheese you can imagine. Today I had the Southern fried chicken po'boy with coriander slaw and chipotle aioli - absolutely incredible.

Bramble and Thorn, Bowery to Williamsburg, Po'Boy
5. Walking through Melbourne on a beautiful spring afternoon is always lovely. Flinders Street Station has become such an iconic image of our city, but I’m always rushing through it to catch my train that I never really appreciate how lovely the building is.

Bramble and Thorn, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Spring
6. Went to have an amazing roast lamb lunch with my family on Sunday, and giving my dogs approximately one billions cuddles.

Bramble and Thorn, Tessa Browne, Ziggy
Ziggy. Such a poser.

7. Mr. Burger for lunch…again…it’s just so hard to resist when it’s a nice day outside!

Bramble and Thorn, Mr. Burger, Burgers, Melbourne