Tokyo / Day 4

Today I made the journey to the most magical place on earth - a cat cafe. I've wanted to visit one of these for so long, and today I finally made the dream a reality! 

There are quite a few to chose from in Tokyo, but I decided on one in Akihabara called Neko Jalala, as I was intent on exploring that area anyway. Akihabara, for those who don't know, is famous for its huge number of electronic stores, as well as being the centre of Japan's otaku culture. As such, there's an abundance of anime and manga here - some of which can be quite confronting. Avoid the hentai sections if you have a weak stomach. 

Before jumping into this geek wonderland however, I made my way to the cat cafe. As you enter there are a couple of safety doors which prevent any cats from making a daring escape. The friendly host will ask how long you'd like to stay (we chose half an hour), then will lead you into a room which can only be described as cat paradise. Toys, scratching posts, and comfy places to sleep were scattered throughout the room, with the 17 cats acting like total (yet cute) divas. With my ginger ale in hand, I sat down and patted any cats that came within my vicinity. It was awesome. 

After saying goodbye and wandering through Akihabara (gawking at the fascinating - yet somewhat disturbing - products being sold) I caught the train back to Shinjuku to go up the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. This particular location is a boon for tourists as the 243 meter high building offers a free observation deck with stunning panoramic views of Tokyo and beyond. If you're lucky (I wasn't!) you'll even be able to see Mt. Fuji from here! Unfortunately for me it was a cloudy day, however I was still amazed at the gorgeous views. 

My stomach was beginning to growl, so I headed straight to Harajuku - I'd read about a taproom by the name of Baird Beer that I knew I needed to check out. I'm so glad I did, the food (and beer, of course) was absolutely wonderful. In true izakaya style, we ordered small dishes of food, from beer fried chicken, to yakitori. It was such a fun night, and the enormous selection of locally brewed beer certainly helps!