Tiny Australian Studio

In 2012 an Australian family decided to take a modern interpretation of the traditional timer framed fibro granny flat. Designed by Takt, it helps a family of four plus grandparents from overseas (who come to stay with the family over summer) meet their unique needs with a minimum of new building work. The results are stunning.

The open living area features a small kitchen and dining table, along with plenty of storage space. Best of all, check out the colourful back splash in the kitchen area. It’s made from stacked Lego with a piece of glass over it!

The glass skylight that runs the length of the studio provides a tremendous amount of natural light, as well as providing gorgeous views of the garden and surrounding area. The more natural light the better!

The greenery inside accompanied by the large windows throughout the house really makes you feel like you're almost living in nature.

Images via Takt.