Miyajima / Day 2

Who would have thought that sleeping on a traditional Japanese futon on a tatami mat would be so comfortable? Or perhaps it was the absence of the usual Tokyo background noise that made me sleep so well? Either way, I woke up this morning totally refreshed and ready to explore the beautiful island I was introduced to yesterday. 

Breakfast was provided by our ryokan - we opted for a Western-style breakfast as I find it a bit hard to stomach some of the usual Japanese fare early in the morning. Again, Mizuhaso totally exceeded expectations by providing the most incredible spread of virtually every kind of food one would have at breakfast. It was great to have a good meal before heading off for a huge day of walking (according to my step monitoring app I walked 20,000 steps today!). 

The first stop today was Mount Misen, the highest peak on the island. Justin and I had a leisurely walk up to where the cable car to the top departs, enjoying the beautiful journey through the forest. 

We then enjoyed a stifling hot 5 minute ride to the summit. I tried (in vain) to casually wipe the sweat off my face as the immaculately dressed Japanese couple opposite me looked cool as a cucumber. Oh well, I suppose glamour wasn't intended for humid days. 

The view from the top was gorgeous, we could see all the way to Hiroshima as well as the many islands that dotted the coastline.

As a bit of a challenge, I decided to walk back down the mountain. It was only a 2 kilometre walk downhill, and though it was steep it was a beautiful walk.

There's signs along the way to make sure you don't get lost.

We even came across a couple of deer that had made their way up the mountain.

Just before we reached the bottom, we saw this snake slithering across the path. As I'm from Australia I'm somewhat used to the threat of snakes, but it's always startling to see them in the wild and quite close to you!

At the base of the mountain I made friends with a deer. It was basically the most adorable thing ever.

Returning back into the town, I had a popular summer Japanese treat - shaved ice, strawberry flavouring, and condensed milk. It was incredibly delicious and refreshing after my trek down the mountain!

We spent the rest of the day wandering through the town, then enjoying a relaxing walk along the beach as the sun set. Another beautiful day on this stunning island!