Kyoto / Day 2

I've learned very quickly during my time in Japan that Typhoon = shopping day. When you have no choice but to be inside thanks to the incessant rain and freakishly strong winds, get yourself to an undercover shopping area! 

Thanks to Typhoon Vongfong, I had the perfect excuse to treat myself in Kyoto's excellent Teramachi shopping district - a pedestrian-only street that has many excellent Japanese clothing stores (amongst other things), and is mercifully undercover. Armed with a (now broken) umbrella and my knee high socks, I spent a good couple of hours trawling through the goods, both vintage and new alike. 

This street is also near the famous Nishiki markets - a street packed with an enormous range of Japanese food. If you're feeling adventurous, brave the crowds and try something new! To my utter delight, I found a shop specialising in matcha (green tea) treats, and had the most incredible matcha ice cream. I'll be dreaming about this one for awhile!

As the storm picked up, I called it a day and rushed back to my hotel (dodging the piles of broken umbrellas that littered the streets) with my hair and makeup ruined, clothes saturated, but purchases thankfully dry. 

After the sun set and any hope of the rain ceasing with it, I pulled on my coat with the ever-important hood, then marched into Gion. Gion is a beautifully preserved town from the Middle Ages, which is now known as the prime spot to spot geisha (or geiko as they're known in the area). Obviously on a wet night like tonight I wasn't intending on geisha-spotting, but it was absolutely beautiful wandering the near-deserted streets in the rain as I wandered to a nearby izakaya for dinner. Ah Japan, you somehow make typhoons a little enjoyable!