7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #6

I'm back in Melbourne you guys! After three incredible weeks travelling around Japan, I've been thrown cruelly back into reality this week - back to work, back to the gym, back to cooking dinner and grocery shopping and cleaning and...you get the picture. It goes without saying that I've got major post-holiday blues, although going through all of my purchases when I got home certainly took the sting out of my return. And you know what? Despite coming home from an amazing holiday, I still had a number of things that made this a good week.

1. Seeing my dogs for the first time in three weeks was really lovely, I bought them some cute/ridiculous jackets from Japan which I needed to see them in immediately.

2. Sleeping in my own bed after I got back to my house from the airport at 2:30 in the morning. There really is nothing like the familiarity of your bed to welcome you home.

3. The day after I got back from Japan I went to see the stage production of Les Misérables with my family for my mum's birthday! It was such an incredible show, I was truly taken aback by how great it was. The singing was spectacular, and the sets and lighting were like nothing I've seen before on stage. We had front row seats in the dress circle, which certainly made the experience that extra bit more special. Australians - please make sure to see this production when it's in your city!

4. Easing myself back into work with a walk around the Yarra river on my lunch break. It's definitely becoming more like summer now that we're about to enter November!

5. Beautiful rooftop cocktails at Siglo on Saturday afternoon, followed by the most delicious Argentinian dinner at San Telmo. Seriously spoiled.

Chilling with my sis at Siglo. How fabulous are her glasses?

6. The beautiful sunset we saw from the window of the plane, followed by an amazing thunderstorm over Indonesia. Plane views are always fun.

7. Dairy food. More specifically, cheese. I adore Japanese cuisine, but man was I craving cheese when I got home. Needless to say I went a little cheese-crazy this week - pizza, pasta with a mountain of parmesan, a cheese board from my favourite speciality cheese shop in Melbourne (Harper and Blohm)...it was awesome.