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I'm by no means an expert in the art of makeup. My usual "look" is a very boring mascara, eye shadow, and bright lips, with the occasional day or two each week where I actually put eyeliner on. I've never really worn foundation or concealer before, as fortunately my face escaped my teenage years relatively unscathed. Having said this, I really wanted to change things up a bit as I've recently discovered a fantastic community on Reddit called MakeupAddiction that has to be one of the most inspiring placed on the internet. These ladies are enormously talented, and it made me realise the potential of my face - seriously, check out this girl's incredible prom makeover, a hilarious take on the characters in Mulan, and these Disney-inspired looks. So creative!

So - having just received my pay the day before, I went to Mecca Maxima! Mecca Maxima is kind of like Australia's version of Sephora, minus most of the range and with a markup of about 30%. Yeah, in Australia we get all kinds of screwed over when it comes to the distribution and pricing of most products, including makeup. Anyway, we manage with what we've got.

With the help of one of the makeup artists there, I picked up a bunch of new products to play with and hopefully help me become more confident with what I'm doing to my face.

I know we all love a good unboxing, so here's a better look at what I bought:

Nars Blush in Luster: $39

I thought it would be difficult to find a good blush that I could wear every day yet wouldn't be to extreme in colour - with skin as pale as mine, there's a fine line between demure and clown face. This shade ticks all the boxes for me! Luster is a peachy pink shade with a hint of gold that puts a bit of colour in my face without looking too over the top - it's so versatile that I think this colour would suit most skin tones. I've got a feeling this blush will be absolutely perfect for summer!

Nars Shadow Pencil in Iraklion: $34

Despite my new ambition to be a bit more adventurous with my makeup, I still wanted a standby eye pencil for those days where I just can't be bothered. This colour is so pretty and is absolutely perfect to quickly apply when you're running late for work. The shade is somewhat of a smoky rose quartz that is beautifully subtle on my eyes. I've used this pencil quite a bit since I bought it last week, and if I apply a primer of my eyes it stays on all day.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville: $59

I know this is completely stating the obvious, but since I'm a total makeup newbie it's amazing to me the difference foundation makes to your face. I'm generally pretty happy with my day-to-day complexion, but after putting this on my face is looks so much more bright and awake! This shade is one of the paler shades Nars offer, with a yellow/tan tone which gives my skin a bit more colour and glow. I applied it with a buffing brush, which gives great coverage and makes sure the colour is nice and even.

I know every makeup blogger probably says this, but it's totally ridiculous that Nars foundations don't come with a pump. I picked one up at Mecca for $4, but honestly, who wants to pour their foundation onto their hand? Additionally, once you put the pump on your foundation the lid will no longer fit on the bottle. While there is a twist lock on the pump, I'm going to feel nervous carrying this around in my suitcase when the slightest jolt could possibly unlock the pump and spill the contents everywhere.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: $48

I've got to be honest, when I went into Mecca I had only the faintest idea of what a primer was. Now that it has been explained to me, and I'm wondering how I've gone so long without it. This really is essential if you want your makeup to stay on your face for extended periods of time - I feel like a child staring in awe at my face when everything is virtually the same six hours after I applied my makeup!

I'm looking forward to getting a bit more experimental with my makeup after purchasing this 'starter kit', however for now it's good to master the basics!

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