Home In Port Fairy

Although I live in Melbourne, my home is actually a small costal town at the bottom of Australia called Port Fairy. Unfortunately I don't get to go there as often as I'd like (I make the trip perhaps six times a year), as it's a good three and a half hour drive from Melbourne. Despite the long drive, I absolutely love going there, even if it's just for a day or two. I went down on Friday, as there was a fundraiser for the hospital on Saturday night. That was as good an excuse as any to go home and dress up!

My dog Ziggy absolutely hates going in the car, so usually buries his head under my arm for the entire trip. Luckily I'm not driving!

I spent most of Saturday hanging out with my dogs, then dressed up for the night out (why didn't I take any good photos?) It was such a fun night, as I got to catch up with my sister (in the glasses) and most of my cousins. 

And hey, it's always a fun night when your parents are tipsy and you meet the doctor that delivered you into the world, right? I managed to get one photo with the family just before we left - mum and dad were a little worse for wear the next morning, in case the photo doesn't give it away!

Oh, the horror of a photo taken on an iPhone with a flash...anyway...

Before we came back to Melbourne on Sunday, we went through Warrnambool, a city about twenty minutes away from Port Fairy. I went to primary school here so am pretty familiar with the town, so it's always nice to pass through. I'm not going to lie though, the main drawcard here is Kermond's Hamburgers - an absolute institution in Victoria and the Great Ocean Road. Kermond's started in a caravan in 1949 at the foreshore in Warrnambool, and was so popular the shop was built a few years later and has been there ever since! So, whenever I'm going back to Melbourne, I always make sure to grab myself a hamburger. It doesn't look like much, but it's super delicious!

After we grabbed the burgers and my favourite Mars Bar milkshake (it's just chocolate and caramel topping, but it's soooo good) we went down to the beautiful Warrnambool Botanical Gardens. It was a gorgeous spring day, so we had a picnic in the sunshine before driving back to Melbourne.