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The sad truth of renting is that you'll never be truly happy in your kitchen. Too small, an oven that doesn't work properly, a dishwasher that leaks water all over the floor (or is that just my kitchen?), there's always something not quite right. Nevertheless, you can control the superficial elements, so I'll just be obsessing over these Etsy products while I fold an old towel underneath my leaky dishwasher.

Bowl of Blueberries Print
Simple Ceramic Monochrome Salt Cellar with Hand Carved Spoon
Oven Mitts
Vintage Ceramic Storage Jar
Vintage White Lotus Bowls Set of 6
Linen Hand Towel
Cutting Board / Cheese Board – Double Handle Long Walnut
Kitchen Apron - Oatmeal
Set Of 2 Kitchen Towels

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