7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #1

I'm trying this new thing where I bring a bit more positivity into my life. Not that I'm generally a negative person, but it's so easy to get brought down by the little insignificant things each day. When the idea of writing seven positive things down occurred to me, part of me did think "will I actually have seven things to list?" That doubt, on reflection, is a little concerning, because there are so many small things that really do make me happy - whether it's as simple as having ice cream in the freezer, or patting a dog on my lunch break.

In any case, I'm currently ecstatic as it's Thursday night and I'm so very excited and the prospect of the weekend approaching! Here are seven things that have made this a good week...

1. Hanging out with some friends from school and watching The Bachelor. Look, I know the show is absolutely awful, but hear me out: we went to school with a girl who is currently on it, and it's just so fascinating to see someone you know on a reality TV show! Pairing that with a couple of bottles of wine and lots of pizza, we've made this somewhat of a Wednesday night tradition.

2. Lasagne from Donnini's (my favourite Italian restaurant on Lygon Street) is currently heating up in the oven and it smells divine.

3. Making a habit of walking along the Yarra River on my lunch break to get my step count up, rain...

...or shine

4. Collecting some yen from Travelex in preparation of my holiday next month!

5. Finally reaching the last episode of The Soprano's - Justin and I have been making our way through the series and finally saw the controversial final episode. All in all, it truly has to be one of the best TV shows I've ever seen (and I've watched a lot of TV)!

6. Catching up with my mum for breakfast at The Premises in Kensington, with a follow up visit to Beatrix in North Melbourne for cakes. I rarely make it out for weekend breakfast, so this was a wonderful start to Saturday.

7. Gardening all weekend with Justin - hopefully our hard work will pay off as spring progresses!

Happy (almost) weekend, everyone!

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