7 Things That Have Made This A Good Week #3

Ok, so the incessant rain is not exactly high up on my list of things that make a week good (particularly when I'm walking to my Barre class at lunch), it's still been a nice week. Work hasn't been too stressful, and off the back of a quick getaway to the beach I did quite a bit of thinking about jobs, relationships, and what I'll be doing next year. As for the rest of the week... 

1. Going to Port Fairy for the weekend seriously brightened my mood. Getting away from Melbourne and catching up with family was something I desperately needed to do.

2. I took Friday off and went to Highpoint to do some shopping. Needless to say my paycheck has been completely exhausted the day after I received it, but I picked up some excellent presents for myself from Lululemon, Topshop, Mecca Cosmetica and MAC.

3. Absolutely incredible ramen and matcha ice cream from Fukuryu Ramen. I feel like I've tried out almost every ramen place in Melbourne, and this has to be one of the best I've had so far.

Don't mind my friend jumping into the background here...

4. It's no longer pitch black when I get home from work! 

5. Catching up with friends on Wednesday night and drinking a bottle of wine each (don't ask me how I felt the next day...)

6. Boardwalk Empire has started again. I'm a week late off the mark here (seriously, where was the promotion for this season?) but am so into it! Sad it's the last season but hoping it ends on a high note.

7. Free Bahn Mi at work today! It seriously made my entire day.

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